What is your Why?

I was asked in an online training this week, “What is my why?” My wife, my home, and our two four-legged canine children are certainly a big part of my why. Spiritual mastery is also an aspect of my why.

We are part of the consciousness creating the story on the planet, and that consciousness asks us to take responsibility for our experience. We are here to expand our awareness of who we think we are and experience the totality of our Beingness. We are here to experience Oneness with everyone and everything, part of the fabric of the garment created on Earth at this time.

But if I look underneath this idea of spiritual mastery, I want to know myself as a limitless being. Underneath that is a stillness and an imperturbability. I know my internal world creates the experiences of my external world. It is an inside job. When we don’t like what we see on the outside, it is merely whisperings from our soul that tell us what limiting beliefs we still hold.

Mastering my internal world means allowing my Higher Self to take the reins and allowing the Truth to run the show, letting go of the beliefs or programs that I put in place because I thought they would keep me safe, and then watching the external world change.

So, I will now ask you. What is your why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why do you do the things you do? Why are you here on this planet at this very pivotal moment in history? And if it is even more than that…what is your why?