Reiki Rocking-Releasing the Trauma of COVID

Beloit Healing Center is offering a new modality, called Reiki Rocking. After a year when many people have been deprived of touch, it is accessible for more people, especially those who don’t want the traditional therapeutic massage.

Reiki Rocking was inspired by this article in the New York Times Magazine about how rocking has been shown to synchronize the brain and produce relaxing and anxiety-relieving feelings. As the author David Aloi puts it, “it’s a shortcut to Chill Town.”

I am trained in Sensory Repatterning (SR), a modality that includes rocking and stretching movements. One of its goals is to become aware of and release holding patterns in the muscles associated with stress and trauma. With SR, the client wears clothing for yoga. Reiki Rocking came about because there are times of stillness and natural pauses in SR that lend themselves to the use of Reiki. Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan. Reiki means Universal Life Force energy. People often report a deeply relaxed feeling of well-being from a Reiki Session.

The Reiki Rocking session is around 75 minutes and is $50.  Please mention this article for a 10% discount.