Pleasure is inevitable

Pleasure is inevitable. This is my new mantra.

We are hard-wired for pleasure.  Sure, this wiring can go haywire and become a jumbled mess of crossed wires. Our thought and feeling become intertwined in such a way that clarity is elusive.  Releasing has been the way for me to untangle and to separate the thoughts and feelings and gain discrimination.

But what if we’ve released our garbage (or the big chunks, anyway) and we’ve experienced what’s possible? We have felt our inner being glowing and guiding our lives. And what if we want more?  I have felt that sometimes my body was holding me back, so I launched out on a releasing adventure to handle the body issues. Working with Diane Stilwell, a fantastic coach, and teacher of mine, I have been working with a goal and releasing into it. 

I easily live in the infinite flow of health, at ____ by _____.

I believe that by releasing this goal, I was introduced to a line of full-spectrum hemp products that are amazing. It feels like support on the physical for this goal.  Even more than that, I am inspired that life really can be rewarding and fun, in spite of the news.

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